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Qualitative Services

Online Focus Groups: Our online focus group software was custom created by market research professionals. The facility utilizes two chat rooms, one for the respondents and one for the clients to unobtrusively watch the discussion. This form of research is ideal for idea generation of Web based products. The advantages include geographic diversity of participants, ease and flexibility of participation, quick results, and are relatively inexpensive when compared to traditional focus groups. We offer a complete package including, recruiting, moderating, hosting and analysis; as well as, a hosting only package.

Traditional Focus Groups: Our staff has been conducting traditional focus groups for over 10 years. We offer recruiting, moderating and analysis, and have established relationships with focus group facilities across the country.

Quantitative Services

Mail Surveys: We offer research design, sample selection, survey creation and analysis of mail based studies. We utilize various forms of statistical analysis to provide you with actionable recommendations to help you grow your business.

Internet Based Surveys: The Internet offers a unique environment for data collection and analysis. Web based surveys are increasing in popularity and offer speed and access to an educated group of individuals. Our staff has an average of 5 years experience with web based surveys. We offer research design, survey creation, programming and analysis of web based studies.

Telephone Surveys(CATI): Our company has established relationships with phone interviewing centers across the country. We offer research design, project management and analysis of phone based research.

Internet Metrics: The Internet offers a myriad of opportunity to collect information on consumers. It is often difficult to distinguish the characteristics of a visitor vs. a consumer. In order to assist you, we offer a wide variety of Web services, including: Web metrics explanation/ analysis, Web traffic analysis, key word buys, conversion ratio estimation and meta tag creation and optimization.

Secondary Research: Often times the information sought by companies has already been conducted by other organizations. We offer secondary data searches and custom analysis and actionable recommendations for your organization.
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